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RNZ Interview: Hannah & Huia: A novel aimed at demystifying mental health
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NZ Booklovers Interview: Charlotte Lobb talks about Hannah & Huia
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Creative BOP Interview: We talk to the author about the most rewarding aspects of her craft, her strategies in the face of writer’s block, and the talent of Aotearoa’s literary landscape.
Creative BOP

"[Huia] could well go down as one of the most memorable characters in recent contemporary fiction. Lobb writes grief and the ensuing seesaw emotions and mental states believably. Hannah & ultimately an optimistic, well plotted and written story which reminds us to take notice of those who may not be as 'crazy' as we initially believe."
Kete Books

Hannah & Huia is a moving story of two women who have suffered significant loss and trauma, and it is also a story of redemption and hope. This is a brave, unforgettable debut novel that explores issues of mental health in a sensitive and compassionate way. It’s two stories in one compelling novel, Hannah’s recent loss beautifully counterpointed part way through by Huia’s heartbreaking past. Hannah & Huia is a special and surprising drama written with a great deal of heart and soul.” 
NZ Booklovers

"Wow, just wow!! I just can't stop thinking about [Hannah & Huia]. My poor team have had updates all day long till I finished it...I got so, so addicted."
— Sheree Brown, Books A Plenty owner/operator

"It is difficult to convey just how wonderful [Hannah & Huia] is. I wanted to climb into the pages and wrap my arms around Hannah and Huia and go with them on their journey."
— Kim Tarrant, author

“[Hannah & Huia] impacted me from the first pages…That this is a first book by Charlotte Lobb - it only points to what an amazing new talent we have…I want to thank Charlotte Lobb for writing such a stunning book - almost bringing me to tears in places - and affecting my thoughts when I left the book to do other things.”
— Terry Toner, Dusty Shelves Book Reviews and Book Bits

"[Hannah & Huia] is a heart-wrenching, beautiful story, with such an authentic voice. Absolutely mesmerising, I’m in awe."
— Carol Garden, author

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