Charlotte Lobb

Hannah & Huia

Two women, two literally unspeakable tragedies, two families, one powerful and unforgettable story...


You first encounter Hannah on a mental health unit following the death of her husband and baby son. All Hannah can focus on is the unbearable present…until she meets Huia, a long-term resident on the ward who lives entirely in her own inner world. 

Huia sits in the far right-hand corner. She picks and rubs at her left wrist, never her right, and she speaks in strange sequences of three unrelated mutterings. No one knows what any of it means, especially not the enigmatic words, “Sun, rain, bye-bye.”

Drawn out of her own misery, Hannah slowly interprets the meaning of some of Huia’s seemingly random words and oddities, and begins to piece together the story of Huia’s heartbreaking past…and a little bit of New Zealand’s shameful history. 

Hannah & Huia is ultimately a story about hope, friendship and love, all intertwined with perfectly judged humour.

No one should ever be made to feel invisible...and you are never alone.

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